Norbert Michels, Gründer und Kopf der elektronischen Soloband Impulslimit und Soundweiche. Er tritt als Komponist, Soundtüftler, Klangfetischist, Video-Producer und Produzent auf.

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In March 1957, Norbert Michels was born in Duisburg. He is a musical and artistic frontier worker, and moves playfully between the many genres. He avoids routine and habits and believes that Tagträumereien is anything but a waste of time. He's proud to be a heat-headed, loner, freak, chaotic. Besides his music, he deals with quantum physics, fractals with their laws, meteorology, Dowsing, Buddhism, astronomy, astrology, quantum healing, meditation, brain research and much more.
Here you get a selection of relevant music from Norbert Michel's impulse limit/sound turnout (2016-2018).  

Excerpt from an interview on the edge of the six lakes, in the beautiful Duisburg-South, is the sound designer Norbert Michels. He reports on the experience of the newcomer in our conversation. The questions were asked by our editor Wiard Saathoff.  Where is electronic music now? She's in a waiting loop. The possibility of electronic music is far from exhausted. As purely adapted pop music, I can only say that (almost) everything sounds the same. or according to my words  "Retro copy-sounds ".   
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Columns: 1 Is there still time to produce in peace today?  Luckily, I don't need to make money with my music. Absolutely casual and without the pressure of the music industry. This allows me to work freely and avoid compromising. My music is gemafrei and offered free of charge. I do not pursue commercial goals. My songs will be surrealistic speech passages and socially critical Elements.

Music videos and surreal images also represent an upscale art form for me. Everything at the right time! What role models do you have?  At the moment, I think there are quite a few. There are people who have impressed me very much because I have learned a lot from them. For example: Tangerine Dream, which was important because of its pioneering work in the field of electronic music. Klaus Schulze, pioneer of the Berlin school. There were many important representatives of electronic music such as: Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Michael Rother (Flaming Heart), Wolfgang Riechmann (Streetmark), Emmerson, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pink Floyd and many more.    What instruments do you use? I use general genre typical instruments such as sequencer, vocoder, sampler, drum machine and various synthesizers. Mixing is digital and analogue. I often play live in the tone of my videos.  How long did it take to control your synthesizer? 

I think the question should be: how long have my synthesizers used to control me!  What have you done for the next few years?  Far too much!! In the next few years I will be writing literature by Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and August Strindberg. Quantum physics and geometric fractals will mix in my music. There is a lot to do!